Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Dr. William L. Grffin


Project co-leader: William Lindsay GriffinProfessor, Earth and Planetary Evolution, Macquarie University, Australia

BSc:  Stanford University, March 1962  (Geology)

MSc:  Stanford University, January 1964  (Geology)

PhD:  University of Minnesota, August 1967  (Petrology)

Dr Griffin is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of petrology and geochemistry of Earth materials. He is a specialist in the isotopic and trace element studies of diamonds and other UHP phases with the aim of understanding the composition of the lithospheric mantle and the geochemical and dynamic evolution of the crust-mantle system.

Recent Publications




  Australia’ssecond-mostcitedgeoscientist(ThomsonEssentialScienceIndicators, January2010)



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