Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Dr. Jingsui YANG


Leader: Jingsui Yang,State Key Laboratoary of Continental Tectonics and Dynamics, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, China

Dr. Yang is the leader of the Center of Advanced Research of Mantle at Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, China. He received his PhD at Dalhousie University of Canada in 1992. He has been working on ophiolites for many years, particularly on high pressure minerals in mantle rocks as well as ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks in subduction zones on the Tibetan plateau and other orogenic belts. Yang is internationally recognized forhis contributionson diamond and highly-reduced minerals. He is also active in geology society, served as a SAG member of IGCP for 10 years, chaired the International Workshop on Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits (WOMOD) held on April 14-15, 2014 in Beijing, convened several sessions on ophiolites and UHP minerals in annual AGU and GSA, and Goldschmidt and IGC meetings, and gave keynote and invited talks at international symposia. He is the author and co-author over 200 publications in international journals and conference proceedings. He is a recipient of Award of National Natural Sciences of PRC, Award of Scientific and Technological Process from HLHL foundation in Hong Kong and the Li Shiguang Award in China. He is also a Fellow of Mineralogical Society of America and a Fellow of Geological Society of America.

Key publications:

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