Feedback from Zhang Long of Guangzho
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Dear committee and organizers of the 4th IGCP-649 workshop and field trip,


Thanks for your perfect arrangement for the workshop and field trip. I really enjoyed the meeting and the field trip, let alone the spectacular landscapes of New Caledonia. I learned a lot while attending the talks, discussing with all the experts and observing/sampling typical rocks. My future research shall also benefit from the samples obtained during the field trip.

 I knew New Caledonia long ago reading some papers about the classical high pressure metamorphic rocks, forearc serpentinites and peridotites there. I was keen to visit and sample the classical HP belt and ophiolite in New Caledonia for comparative studies. So thanks for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my wish.

This is actually the second time I attend the IGCP-649 workshop and field trip after I participated in the first one held in North Qilian. While I was still a graduate student in USTC studying the geochemistry of metamorphic rocks from the North Qilian and North Qaidam three years ago, I was not very interested in and impressed with the ophiolites from the North Qilian. Since than I have moved on to GIG as a post doctor, and extended my research to serpentinites and fore mantle peridotites in SSZ ophiolite. So this time I have a more profound knowledge of the ophiolites. I will definitely do some research on some forearc serpentinites and peridotites collected this time. And I hope some new insights can be gained from the samples.

The workshop and field trip is wonderfully organized and I have only two tiny suggestions: (1) the schedule of the field trip is a little bit tight and sometimes the time for the stop is too short to allow adequate observing and sampling; (2) there should be better arrangements for direct mailing of large quantities of samples.

Thanks again for your excellent work, and I hope we can gather together in the next year workshop and field trip.


Best wishes,


Long Zhang, Ph.D.,

Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

511 Kehua Street, Guangzhou 510640, China

Mobile phone: +86 15155979868