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Feedback on the 4th IGCP649 Workshop from Prof. Sheng, Prof. Chen and Prof. Gao of the University of Science and Technology of China


Ophiolite and related rocks are criterion for determinating the occurrence of oceanic crust subduction and thus its suture zone, they are the key to understand the theory of plate tectonics. As a group mostly focusing on continental subduction zone processes, the 4th IGCP-649 diamonds and recycled mantle workshop in Brisbane and field trip in New Caledonia provided us a unique opportunity to share ideas with colleagues on a global scale and exam the ophiolite sequences produced by oceanic crust subduction and subsequent arc-continental collision. The massive and well-preserved exposures of peridotite and chromitite, gabbro, basalt, sedimentary covering, etc., are different from that in the continental subduction zone. Therefore, a comparable study between the subduction of oceanic crust and continental crust would be very helpful to extend our knowledge on both the subduction initiation and corresponding geologic and geochemical processes. Meanwhile, the fascinating landscape and scheduled accommodation along the coastline on island let us keeping in touch with nature after work. Many thanks are due to Profs. Jing-Sui Yang, Dominique Cruzel, Jonathan Aitchison, Ren-Jie Zhou, Cong Zhang, Ting-Ting Shen, Tian Qiu, who led and well organized this unforgettable workshop and field trip. We are looking forward to the upcoming excursion next year.



Ying-Ming Sheng, Ren-Xu Chen, Xiao-Ying Gao

School of Earth and Space Sciences

University of Science and Technology of China

July 27, 2018