2nd Circular

The Second Circular of the 2017 Cuba
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Dear Participants of the IGCP-649CubaWorkshop,

       We are pleased to inform you that the Third IGCP-649 Workshop will take place onApril 3-14, 2017inHavana, the capital ofCubaand a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to investigate and discuss the origin ofCubaophiolites, chromitites, and peri-Caribbean mantle dynamics during theVIICuba Earth Science Convention.

       As part of the four-dayVIIEarth Science Convention of Cuba, the workshop will consist of oral and poster presentations, focused on the geology of the world-famous Mayarí-Baracoa ophiolite belt (MBOB), chromitites and comparisons with ophiolites elsewhere, which will be followed by 6 one-day field trips designed to provide a clear understanding of the geology and structure of the MBOB and its chromitites. During the field trip, it will be possible to observe excellent exposures of tectonites, the mantle-crust and ultramafic – mafic cumulate transition zone, layered gabbros and both Cr-rich and Al-rich chromitite. This is also an opportunity to experience the scenery of the grass-covered mountains with elevations ranging between 789 and 1231 m and to enjoyBaracoacity located on the spot where Christopher Columbus landed inCubaon his first voyage toNorth America.

Travel Information and Venue

The meeting will be held at the Havana Convention Palace.Havanais served by airlines from most European countries, which mostly fly into Jose Marti International Airport. Taxis and local buses provide hotel transportation services at small fees. Accommodation during the conference inHavanawill be the responsibility of the individual participants. Information on the hotels inHavanaand the facilities provided by the hotels may be found on the conference official website: http://www.cubacienciasdelatierra.com/.  Accommodations during the post-conference field trip will be arranged by the conference committee for every participant (From April 8th to12th). NOTE: Most attendees need a VISA to enterCuba. Participants should contact with theCubaembassy in THEIR country for detailed information about VISA. Colleagues who are planning to attend the third IGCP-649 Workshop inCubaand are in need of an invitation letter in order to obtain VISA should register and contact with the workshop committee (igcp649@163.com) as soon as possible.

Agenda         April 3rd-14th, 2017

3rd-7th April        Conference days inHavana

3rd April               People arrive inHavana. Registration at theHavanaConventionPalacebetween9:00 AMand4:00 PM.

4th-6th April          Conference days. Oral presentations from9:00AMto2:00 PM; Poster presentations from9:00 AMto5:30 PM. The 3rd IGCP-649 workshop including oral and poster presentation will take place on April 6th for the whole day.

7th April               Conference day.  Oral and poster presentations from 9:00 AM to1:00 PM.


8th-13th April       Post-conference field trip in the Mayarí-Baracoa Ophiolite Belt

8th April               Coach takes people fromHavanatoSantiago de Cuba. Night inSantiago de Cuba.

9th-11th April        Transect through Sierra de Nipe Ophiolite. The biggest high-Cr chromitite deposit and mafic-ultramafic sections rich in pyroxenite dikes and pegmatitic gabbros will be observed. Night in Villa Pinares de Mayarí on April 9th-10th. Night in Moa city on April 11th.

12th April             Transect through the Eastern and Western Moa Ophiolitic massifs. High-Al chromitite deposit and layered gabbros will be examined in the Eastern Moa. Ultramafic cumulates, mélange with foliated serpentinite matrix containing blocks of pyroxenite, pegmatitic and massive gabbros, and pillow lavas with cherts and hyaloclastites will be observed in the Western Moa. Night in Moa city.

13th April             Coach takes people back toHavana, visiting Ni-mining district en route. Night inHavana. End of post-conference excursion.

14th April             Participants fly home.

Registration and field trip fees

Registration fee: 300 USD, including conference materials, opening ceremony and welcome cocktail (buffet), cultural gala, Cuban Night party (buffet), closing ceremony, lunch and party. Meals are NOT included.  NOTE: The opening ceremony and cocktail partly will be on April 3rd.  The cultural gala and Cuban Night party will be arranged by the hosts. The closing ceremony will be on April 7th.

Field trip fee: 460 USD per person for participants sharing a room and 520 USD per person for a single room during the field trip, including fieldwork materials, transportation from and toHavanaand during the field trip, meals and accommodation. Dinner and accommodations are NOT included for April 13th.


Please transfer the REGISTRATIONANDFIELD TRIP FEES beforeMarch 15th, 2017, and indicate the name and affiliation of the participant to be registered. Upon finishing the bank transfer procedures, please contact us ASAP, and we will prepare the invoice/receipt.

Bank Information

Bank Name:               Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Address:                    18 Parkland Drive,Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada, B3S1T5

Account Number:      92 05330

Name of Account:    Paul T. Robinson

Account owner address: 26WillowRoad, Sambro Head,Nova Scotia, Canada B3V1L1

Transit Number:         00503

Bank CC No.            001000503


Abstract Submission

You can submit your abstract for either poster or oral presentation to us, and we will send it to the conference organizers for printing. Depending on the time available, oral presentations may have to be switched to posters or vice versa; the decision will be made by the Workshop committee and communicated to the authors prior to the meeting. The abstract must follow the template provided at http://www.cubacienciasdelatierra.com/, and be submitted by email to igcp649@163.com. No publication fee will be charged.

Important dates

10th January      Deadline for receipt of the registration form.

1st March           Deadline for abstract submission.

15th March          Deadline for payment of conference fees (including registration fee and field trip fee).

3rd April             Registration.

4th-7th April        Conference days.

8th-13th April      Post-conference field trip.

13th April           Return toHavanafrom the field trip.

14th April           Participants fly home.

Sponsored by

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

IUGS (International Union of Geological Sciences).

Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China.

Cuban Geological Society.

Workshop Leaders

Professor Jingsui Yang, CARMA, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China.

Email: yangjsui@163.com.

Professor Yildrim Dilek, Miami University, USA. Email: dileky@muohio.edu.

Doctor Angelica Isabel Llanes Castro, Institute of Geology and Paleontology of Cuba.

Email: isallanes@nauta.cu, isa@igp.minem.cu.

Professor Paul T. Robinson, Dalhousie University, Canada. Email:paulrobinson94@hotmail.com

Professor Metwaly Mohamed Abu Anbar, Tanta University, Egypt. Email: mmanbar1@yahoo.com.

For further details please contact

Dr. Cong Zhang, Dr. Tian Qiu or Dr. Tingting Shen. Email: igcp649@163.com.

Dr. Angelica Isabel Llanes Castro. Email: isallanes@nauta.cu, isa@igp.minem.cu.

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