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Comments and Suggestions of Cyprus W
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Comments and Suggestions from participants:

Meanwhile, I would like to thank you for your helps during the Cyprus fieldtrip. This is the best field excursion I have had during the past years. I heard the names of "Cyprus" and "ophiolite" in 1980. At the first day of entering university, a professor had a lecture about his Cyprus fieldtrip. From then, I thought that I should be there for a detail looking of this typical ophiolite. Due to your work, I realized my dream, a dream has been 36 years!

As you know, there are many Chinese geologists joining the trip this time. As a big country, China has to contribute much more to the modern geology. However, as a developing country, it missed the chance of inventing PLATE TECTONICS in the 1960'. Presently, one of the best methods to improve our level of geological study is going abroad, and learning the advanced geological concepts and theories established. Therefore, your workshop provides a very very important chance for us to learn geology outside of China.

Please also give my heartfelt thanks to Jingsui Yang and Julian Pearce for their excellent organization and feild explanation. I would like to have the next workshop meeting in Cuba.

Thanks again,

Dr. Fu-Yuan WU


Institute of Geology and Geophysics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Many thanks for the wonderful geology you have shown us for the Troodos ophiolite and associated rocks of Cyprus. We all really enjoyed the rocks and structures in the field and the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea as well. I am sure that all the participants have learned a lot from this trip. We would like to express our sincere appreciations to everything you have kindly and nicely organized. We all got back home safe and hope you and your team have arrived home with everything being fine.
As promised I attach several of my papers regarding the tectonics of the CAOB and North China. Hope you find them of interest.

Cheers, Wenjiao

Prof. Dr. Wenjiao Xiao

(a) Xinjiang Research Center for Mineral Resources, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

(b) Division of Tethys Research Center, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS

After a long trip, I arrived Nanjing safely in the evening of May 21. I hope you also had a pleasant trip to Beijing.

Thank you very much for your wonderful organization. I really enjoyed the meeting and the field trip with international geologists in Cyprus, and learned a lot during the workshop. It is unforgettable experience to see the Troodos ophiolite and discuss with world leading scientists such as Prof. Julian Perce and Prof. Yildirim Dilek. In addition, I am very glad to set up cooperation with you and other colleagues on deformation and seismic properties of ophiolites.

Thank you again for such a successful workshop.

Best wishes,


Qin Wang, Ph.D

Professor in Structural Geology

School of Earth Sciences and Engineering

Nanjing University

Thank you so much-- this is an excellent field guide, and the trip was so smooth. The organizers and leaders did an excellent job, congratulations! Excellent work!  We are arranging a few photos to send to you for your report soon.


Timothy Kusky

Distinguished Professor

Director, Center for Global Tectonics

I AM ON THE FIELD IN THE SAHARA. WHEN I WILL COME back to casablanca I will send you my cv my papers and report about workshop. But I wanted to tell you that it was a great pleasure to know you and again thanks a lot for every thing... keep in touch


Prof. Haissen Faouziya

LGCA, Département de Géologie

Faculté des Sciences Ben M'sik

Université Hassan II de Casablanca Maroc 


I would like to thank you very much for your giving opportunity to me about participating to such an important and privileged workshop.

Sincerely yours,

Ender Sarifakioglu



thank you again for your perfect organization of the workshop! It was also nice to see your new results.

I have some suggestions as for the IGCP workhop on Cyprus – sorry for any repetition of what was already discussed:

1.        It would be good to put the GPS coordinates of the individual stops on the web, and ask people, or oblige them if possible, to use these coordinates when writing any papers. Only this way, I believe, there will be some control on what people publish, in view of several non-coordinated working groups (as far as I understood – or is there any coordination among the Chinese groups?). Jingsui agreed with putting the GPS coordinates on the web, and also mentioned there could be photographs attached, which is however in my view very time-consuming and of less importance.

2.       Could you please make a Dropbox, or any other place, where people could deposit  photographs from the meeting, and encourage them to do that? If possible, I would restrict this to personal photos, not photos of the outcrops. Noone will have time to go through thousands of pictures.

3.       You asked people to write what was their opinion on the workshop, how they profited. As I know us, we are always under pressure, and there might not be much response. What about sending a people a brief questionnaire with one or two questions to ensure that you do get some material for the IGCP report?

As for the potential publication of the extended abstracts in Acta, this is not a problem, but in such a case I would like to add Acknowledgements to the abstract. Maybe also other people. Should I do it now, not to forget? Or will you send a message around when this publication is arranged?

This is all. My best regards


Assoc. Prof. Jana Kotková

Czech Geological Survey, Prague, and Masaryk University, Brno

Czech Republic

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