IGCP 649 2nd Annual Meeting
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IGCP Project 649 Second Annual Meeting:

Probing the oceanic mantle: Troodos Ophiolite as a case study

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The second IGCP 649 workshop was held on 14th-20th May 2016 in Agros-Cyprus. It was organized by IGCP 649 Project and the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus Agros-Cyprus. There were more than 50 participations from 10 countries who presented 12 talks during the conference day. These presentations related to the ophiolites and podiform chromitites from Albania, Egypt and China. 

The five days field trip focused on ophiolites in the Troodos. It was guided by Professor Julian Pearce, who studies in this area for a long time. This field trip provided an opportunity for participants to see the world-famous, Tethyan Troodos ophiolite.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this year. We hope to see you all in Cuba next year.

The IGCP 649 Second Annual Meeting held in Cyprus

The leaders of the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus and IGCP 649 Project

Professor Julian Pearce introduced the most complete ophiolite in the world

Troodos ophiolite had become the geological park in the world

Pillow lava and magma channel

Pillow lava