TRANSCAND-2015 Excursion
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Three CARMA students attend the TRANSCAND-2015 Excursion

From August 2ndto August 20th, three CARMA students, Weiwei Wu, Yanhong Chen and Dongyang Lian,funded by CUGW and CAGS took part in the TRANSCAND-2015 Excursion.

TRANSCAND Excursionis for Masters and PhD students, Post-Docs and various staff, including those involved in the ICDP-COSC (International Continental Scientific Drilling Program – Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides) project, which was first started in the early 1980’s. This excursion provides the participants with a fantastic opportunity to see the basic structure of the Scandinavian mountain belt, the thrust-sheets, their internal structure, stratigraphy, metamorphism and intrusions.

In the TRANSCAND-2015 Excursion, more than twenty participants from ten countries including China, German, Poland, America, England and etc., took part in this excursion. This excursion started from Sweden and ended in Norway. Participants have seen the whole sequence from the lowermost autochthon to the uppermost allochthon of the Scandian Orogeny.

After the TRANSCAND Excursion, CARMA students together with two Polish studentscarried on with another field excursion for the Raudfjellet ophiolite.The Raudfjellet complex is a partly dismembered ophiolite fragment consisting of the lower ultramafic part and the upper layered meta-gabbro. Rocks units of the Raudfjellet are strongly deformed and metamorphosed during the Caledonide Orogeny.

After this excursion, CARMA students had broadened their horizons in the area of geological research. Their English-speaking level has been improved and communication skills with foreign geologists got trained. They also made friends with the TRANSCAND-2015 participants and the local people.

This excursion will not only be beneficial for their future geological study, but also for their whole life.

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