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IGCP Project 649 Opening Meeting
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IGCP Project 649 Opening Meeting: 

         Ophiolites and related high-pressure rocks in the Qilian Mountains

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The first IGCP 649 workshop was held on 5th-10th August 2015 in Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province in western China. It was organized by Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and State Key Laboratory of Continental Tectonics and Dynamics. There were 106 participants from 9 countries who presented 12 talks during the conference day. These presentations related to the ophiolites, chromitite, diamond and HP/UHP rocks from Cuba, Mongolia, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Albania and China (Tibet and Heilongjiang). A total of 6 people were helped to attend this meeting thanks to IGCP funding, all of which were researchers from developing countries.

The four days Post-conference field trip focused on ophiolites and related high-pressure rocks in the Qilian Mountains. It was guided by Jianxin Zhang, who studies in this area for a long time. This field trip provided an opportunity for participants to see the evolution of the north Qilian Mountain belt.

It was great to get this project started, and thanks again to everyone who participated this year. We hope to see you all in Cyprus, May next year.