Present state of activities
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 The following activities have been conducted already as part of this proposed project:

1.      A pilot field expedition for sampling chromitites and peridotites in the Mirditaophiolite belt in Albania (October 2012). Leaded by Ibrahim Milushi from Polytechnic University of TIRANA

2.      A pilot field expedition for sampling chromitites and peridotites in the Aladag and Fethiyeophiolites in Southern Turkey (August 2013). Led by Yildirim Dilek from Miami Univeristy, USA.

3.      A pilot field expedition for sampling chromitites and peridotites in the Myanmar ophiolite belt (April 2014).Orgnized by AGU.

4.      A PhD dissertation has been completed on thechromotites of theLuobushaophiolite in southern Tibet by Ms X.Z. Xu in CAGS (June 2013). She has published several papers in Chinese and English.

5.      All chromitite and peridotite samples collected during these three pilot expeditions have been processed, and diamonds have been separated in all three cases. Therefore, we now confirm that these ophiolites do contain diamonds, UHP minerals and crustal materials in their ultramafic units. More sampling is needed in order to do all the required analyses.

6.      We organized an international workshop on “Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits” (WOMOD) in Beijing during the week of April 14-15, 2014, and invited all contributing members of the proposed IGCP project to this workshop. We shared the preliminary results of our pilot studies on ophiolitic diamondswith the workshop attendants. All five project leaders, Drs. Abu Anbar (Egypt), Dilek (USA), Griffin (Australia), Milushi (Albania), and Yang (China) attended this workshop and discussed the project details. The workshop was sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, the Geological Survey of China, and the Natural Science Foundation of China. We also organized a very successful Special Session on “Ophiolites, podiformchromitites and ultrahigh pressure minerals” at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association in Tirana, Albania that was attended by many European scientists, including young professionals and students.

7.      Currently, we are analyzing the diamond samples separated from the chromitite deposits and peridotites collected from the Tethyanophiolites along the western segment of the Yarlong-Zangbu suture zone in southern Tibet, from the late Paleozoic ophiolites in the West Junggar Basin in NW China, and from from the Polar Urals in Russia. These are three different ophiolites with large age differences and disparate tectonic settings. We should obtain the preliminary results within the next 6 months.

8.      Several of the project leaders and collaborators met together in Tirana-Albania in during the week of September 24-26, 2014, to attend the XX International Congress of the Carpathian Balkan Geological Association (CBGA) and to present some of the preliminary results of our project based on the Albanian diamond samples. This get-together of the several project leaders provided us with an opportunity to discuss the project in detail and the plans and feasibilities for holding a field conference and workshop in Albania with some of the high-ranking university and industry people.

9.      We are in the process of planning the logistics of pilot field expeditions in the Taitaoophiolite in the Chilean Patagonia in South America (younger than 6 m.y.) and the Archean (~3.1 Ma) Andriamenaophiolite on the Island of Madagascar in the first half of 2014.

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