Field Work Photos

  Ray-Iz ophiolite in Polar Ural

  Turkey ophiolites

  Albania ophiolite

  Beni Bousera ultramafic massif

  Luobusa ophiolite, Tibet

  Xigaze ophiolite, Tibet

  Ali ophiolite, Tibet

  Sumdo eclogite, Tibet

News & Activities

First circular of the IGCP-649 Oman workshop 

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Photo Gallery of the 4th IGCP649 Workshop in the University of Queensland, Australia

Photo Gallery of the 4th IGCP649 Field Excursion in New Caledonia

The 4th IGCP649 Workshop successfully held in Australia and New Caledonia

Call papers for special issue of Journal of Earth Science

First Circular of the IGCP-649 Australia and New Caledonia Workshop

The Third International Ophiolite Workshop of IGCP-649 Project successfully held in Cuba

 Goldschmidt 2017 Session 05e calls for abstracts

 Second Circular of the IGCP-649 Cuba Workshop

 General information about Cuba

 Third Circular of the 12th International Eclogite Conference

 Second Circular of the 12th  International Eclogite Conference

 Three events of our project in 2017

 First Circular of the 3rd IGCP-649 Workshop: Cuban Ophiolites, Chromitites  and Caribbean Mantle Dynamics

  First Circular of the JJCG-2017

  IGCP Project 649 2nd Annual Meeting successfully held in Cyprus

  “Diamonds and Crustal Recycling into Deep Mantle” session on the International    Geological Congress

  First Circular of the 2016 IGCP-649 workshop in Cyprus

   Preliminary announcement of the 2nd IGCP-649 workshop in Cyprus, 2016

  IGCP Project 649 Opening Meeting  

  IGCP-649 Project newly approved

  AGU Fall Meeting
  12th International conference on PGE deposits, Russia
  6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference, Morocco
  XX Congress of Carpathian Balkan Geological Association

  International Workshop: Ophiolites, Mantle Processes and Related Ore Deposits


Recently Publications

Role of strain localization and melt  flow on exhumation of deeply subducted continental crust

Spectroscopic analysis of microdiamonds in ophiolitic chromitite and peridotite

Mineralogy, geochemistry, and melt evolution of the Kalaymyo peridotite massif in the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (western Myanmar), and tectonic implications

Multiple episodes of melting, depletion, and enrichment of the Tethyan mantle: Petrogenesis of the peridotites and chromitites in the Jurassic Skenderbeu massif, Mirdita ophiolite,Albania

Petrological and Re-Os isotopic constraints on the origin and tectonic setting of the Cuobuzha peridotite,Yarlung Zangbo suture zone, southwest Tibet, China 

Origin and significance of diamonds and other exotic minerals in the Dingqing ophiolite peridotites, eastern Bangong-Nujiang suture zone,Tibet 

Ophiolites, diamonds, and ultrahigh-pressure minerals: New discoveries and  concepts on upper mantle petrogenesis 

Probing the Troodos Ophiolite: IGCP-649 Workshop and Field Excursion Held in Agros- Cyprus

Diamond and Recycled Mantle: A New Perspective - Introduction of IGCP 649 Project

Short note of field workshop on Neoproterozoic ophiolites, ophiolitic mélanges and other rock units in the Eastern Desert of Egypt and comparison with the Central Asian Orogenic Belt of Central Asia (18–24 February 2016)